Sowing Seeds Issue 2

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Sowing Seeds is a seasonal print and online magazine empowering individuals to reconnect to the land and one another by living more sustainable lives. 

Our main purpose is to give ideas, both big and small. We want to empower sustainability through stories.

In this first issue, and the ones following it, we will attempt to tackle the broad topic of sustainability and how to start being more conscious in every aspect of our life. We tried to be as broad as possible, because environmentalism comes in many forms, not just the obvious ones. We believe that reconnecting to the land, each other, and the knowledge of the communities we have long ignored, is the best way to impact the future health of our planet. 

We want to enforce the idea of today. Maybe you don’t have time to start making your own apple cider vinegar or kombucha, but you may have the five minutes it takes to make oat milk. A small step, but huge if you calculate how many cartons and bottles you use each year. When consumers change what they are buying, so will the companies on our supermarket shelves. What we hope to inspire is a world where we all feel that we can take tiny steps towards a more sustainable future. 

Although this isn’t a recipe book, you will find many guides and methods to start cutting down your footprint and start living zero waste, as well as recipes, foraging activities, and fermentations for the season we are in. Learning to walk with the steps of the seasons, instead of opting for convenience and consumerism, may seem small, but it is a huge step towards mending the broken aspects of our system.

In this first issue you will find small ideas such as how to go into your woods and look for wild plants, medium ones such as starting your own compost heap and big innovations like growing vegetables on the walls of your office. 

If I could choose one thing, I would say focus on food. Try to be as local as possible. Go to your markets, get to know your farmers. Figure out for yourself the real price difference between your supermarket down the street and your local farmer’s market. Always choose slow food, whenever you can. Agriculture is one of the biggest detriments to the environment - and that makes it the biggest opportunity. Within your local communities, fight against homogeneity in all its forms, support all cultures, uplift different ways of knowing, and fight against monoculture in our farms and within our governments.

We hope you will start looking at your purchases with different eyes, making more conscious decisions on what you need and don’t need - whether buying something that lasts can outweigh the cheap price tag, whether it’s possible to buy secondhand beyond just trying to spice up your closet. Many of us may not have disposable income, but we can make more conscious choices with a little planning. 

At its core, we are asking you to reconnect to the land, and to one another. Support the people around you already fighting for the earth, and never doubt the power you hold as an individual or the importance of climate action and a regenerative food culture. 

We all have a role to play in changing our current society. Some of us may have more privilege to make unfortunately expensive decisions, but all of us can do something. Hopefully each of you will find in here at least one thing that changes the way you see the world, and inspires you to protect it. 


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