Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise

Author(s): K Anders Ericsson


Mozart wasnâe(tm)t born with perfect pitch.

Most athletes are not born with any natural advantage.

Three world-class chess players were sisters, whose success was planned by their parents before they were even born.

Anders Ericsson has spent thirty years studying The Special Ones, the geniuses, sports stars and musical prodigies. And his remarkable finding, revealed in Peak, is that their special abilities are acquired through training. The innate âe~giftâe(tm) of talent is a myth. Exceptional individuals are born with just one unique ability, shared by us all âe" the ability to develop our brains and bodies through our own efforts.

Anders Ericssonâe(tm)s research was the inspiration for the popular âe~10,000-hour ruleâe(tm) but, he tells us, this rule is only the beginning of the story. Itâe(tm)s not just the hours that are important but how you use them. We all have the seeds of excellence within us âe" itâe(tm)s merely a question of how to make them grow. With a bit of guidance, youâe(tm)ll be amazed at what the average person can achieve.

The astonishing stories in Peak prove that potential is what you make it.


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Talent is a myth - learn how to unlock your potential with the world's reigning expert on expertise.

"Most "important" books aren't much fun to read. Most fun books aren't very important. But with Peak, Anders Ericsson (with great work from Robert Pool) has hit the daily double. After all, who among us doesn't want to learn how to get better at life? A remarkable distillation of a remarkable lifetime of work." -- Stephen J. Dubner, bestselling author of Freakonomics "This book is a breakthrough, a lyrical, powerful, science-based narrative that actually shows us how to get better (much better) at the things we care about." -- Seth Godin, author of LINCHPIN "The science of excellence can be divided into two eras: before Ericsson and after Ericsson. His groundbreaking work, captured in this brilliantly useful book, provides us with a blueprint for achieving the most important and life-changing work a person can achieve: to become a little bit better each day." -- Daniel Coyle, bestselling author of THE TALENT CODE "Ericsson's research has revolutionized how we think about human achievement. He has found that what separates the best of us from the rest is not innate talent but simply the right kind of training and practice. If everyone would take the lessons of this book to heart, it could truly change the world." -- Joshua Foer, bestselling author of MOONWALKING WITH EINSTEIN "An invaluable exploration into the details of what makes the difference between simply going through the motions (for 10,000 hours!) and practising to reap significant improvement. A thought-provoking and extremely useful book." -- Harriet Beveridge, author of WILL IT MAKE THE BOAT GO FASTER? "Offer[s] an optimistic anti-determinism that ought to influence how people educate children, manage employees and spend their time." The Economist

Professor Anders Ericsson is the world's reigning expert on expertise. His research into what makes ordinary people achieve the extraordinary was the inspiration for the 10,000-hours rule - the popular theory that 10,000 hours of any type of practice will allow an individual to excel in any field. In this book, he describes how a particular type of extended practice leads to exceptional performance. Anders Ericsson began his research into expertise when he conducted a memory trial on a young man. Despite having no previous aptitude for memory exercises, after several hundred sessions the young man was displaying memory powers over 10 times that of an average person. This was as a result of the system of training Ericsson had put him through - a process Ericsson has named 'deliberate practice'. Professor Ericsson has gone on to have his research widely cited in major newspapers and magazines worldwide, and he has worked with major international organisations, as well as Oxford, Stanford and Harvard medical schools, teachers and educational researchers, professional sports teams (Manchester City Football Club, Saracens Rugby Union Club, UK Sport, England and Wales Cricket Board), and military groups.

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